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Dessert Ideen der Eventcaterer

Das Fachmagazin Event Partner berichtet in seiner Ausgabe 02.19 über die Dessert Ideen der Event Caterer und stellt die besten Inspirationen im Heft vor. „Süße Versuchung – Catering Inspirationen für… weiterlesen

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Finger Food Catering in Hamburg

The easiest way to break the ice at your next office meeting in Hamburg? How about some really good food. From a relaxed breakfast to a workshop snack break to… weiterlesen

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Convention Catering in Munich

aveato catering is the #1 service option for your company’s next big Convention Catering event in Munich, Bavaria’s „Meeting Metropolis„. A large business event such as a convention, conference or… weiterlesen

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Business Lunch Catering in Cologne

Planning a successful lunch meeting or business lunch is stressful enough, let aveato take some of that stress away by preparing and presenting a great meal that’s sure to ‚wow‘… weiterlesen

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11 Years of Active Environmental Protection, Thanks to Reforestation

Environmentally Conscious Business Catering Big Business Going Green in 2019 aveato Catering, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, is celebrating being CO2 neutral for 11 years. The company has been a pioneer of… weiterlesen

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Event Catering in Düsseldorf

 Business meetings, teams lunches, office Christmas parties, conventions/conferences and of course, summer grills – aveato does it all. Just in time for the summer party season, aveato opens a brand… weiterlesen

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Convention Catering in Hannover

Trade Fairs, Conventions, Messes and more – Hannover is one of the biggest cities in Germany that holds these great gatherings of customers, just waiting to be dazzled. Hannover Messe,… weiterlesen

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Business Catering in Frankfurt

Who says office lunches have to be boring? Nothing brings people together like food. All businesses know it to be true; why else would lunch meetings exist? But how can… weiterlesen

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aveato Showcased at ITB Berlin 2019

Why the MICE industry needs to know aveato. Admittedly, at first I understood why my former colleagues from the hotel industry and tourism looked a bit skeptical when I told… weiterlesen

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aveato erstmalige auf der ITB in Berlin

Ein Caterer als Aussteller auf der ITB oder warum die MICE Branche unbedingt aveato kennen lernen sollte. Zugegeben, zunächst habe ich verstanden, dass meine ehemaligen Kollegen aus Hotellerie und Tourismus… weiterlesen