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11 Years of Active Environmental Protection, Thanks to Reforestation

Environmentally Conscious Business Catering

Big Business Going Green in 2019

aveato Catering, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, is celebrating being CO2 neutral for 11 years. The company has been a pioneer of environmental protection within the catering industry since 2008, supplying all of their deliveries while remaining climate-neutral. Since the beginning of the partnership with Prima Klima Worldwide e.V., Bergisch Gladbach has been reforested.

Sustainably successful events require environmentally conscious catering
The energy that we all use comes from the combustion of fossil fuels which generate the release of CO2. The gas then settles in the atmosphere like a ring around the earth and is held under by the heat of the sun. This, along with some other factors, is where the man-made greenhouse gas effect comes from. This greenhouse gas effect leads to ever more turbulent changes in climate and our environment’s health.

Though CO2 damage to the climate is unavoidable, it can be lightened and filtered out of the air by the additional plantation of trees in traditionally non-forested areas; this process is known as afforestation. Generally, one hectare (= 10,000 m2) of new forest extracts an average of 10 tonnes of CO2 from the air per year. A full-grown, 30 m high beech will have deprived the air of a total of about 10 tonnes of CO2. Prima Klima Worldwide.e.V. ensures that the afforestation carried out by the association meets the socio-economic and ecological requirements (based on the FSC criteria).

11 years of afforestation and active environmental protection in developing countries
According to Prima Klima Certificates, aveato Catering has been compensating approx. 300-500 tons of CO2 every year by planting trees in the Congo and in Bolivia over the past 11 years. In addition to environmental protection, the aveato projects also increase biodiversity, protect existing forest areas and contribute to the elimination of poverty in those regions.

While compensating ones CO2 output is a great step, avoiding such an output overall is the next big step. aveato is ahead of the game here as well. Partnered up with Street Scooter, aveato uses electro-mobiles to run their deliveries within the city center of Berlin and is constantly working towards replacing their entire delivery fleet with these E-Scooters to eliminate their CO2 output by 2023.

aveato Catering currently has branches and partner operations in Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Hannover, Frankfurt am Main and Munich.