Business-Catering aveato

aveato catering is the #1 service option for your company’s next big Convention Catering event in Munich, Bavaria’s „Meeting Metropolis„.

A large business event such as a convention, conference or seminar requires the host to put on their best performance and leave no detail unattended to. The success of these kinds of events is based on the overall concept, presentation and experience combined. Further, the social connection between participants adds an entirely new level to the atmosphere and memories participants have when thinking back on the event. So when is the best time to really ‚wow‘ the guests? Sure you could have great speakers, innovative seminars, and luxurious accommodations, but the guests rely on one specific time to really mingle and share their thoughts on the day’s activities – the meal time. Whether it’s a snack break, a group lunch, or a closing ceremony dinner, your guests are determining their overall opinion of your entire event at these very moments. 

With so much pressure to make a good impression riding on this one moment that your guests have together, you need a strong catering partner to rely on. aveato, now dominating the business catering game in Germany for 20 years, is exactly the right partner for the job. It goes without saying that aveato spoils you with culinary highlights. Whether finger food, a stylish flying buffet, delicious sandwich creations or the right drinks – they are sure to indulge you and your guests at the highest level. Their versatile menu and venue decorations, along with the offer of setup and pickup, are unparalleled in the industry.


Much like big business in Munich, aveato Business Catering is always thinking ahead. Focused heavily on the environment – through sustainable concepts, careful preparation, and regional products – aveato is a pioneer in the industry for corporate environmental responsibility. Half of all aveato caterings in Germany are already delivered in an environmentally sound manner with one of their electric delivery vans. By 2023, they aim to have their entire fleet converted to E-Scooter vehicles


You can easily order your convention catering for Munich online. Try it, it’s easier than you think. For more specific requests, a team of catering consultants is available for consultation by phone, or in person. aveato helps make your business events a success. aveato offers you the most customer-friendly cancellation rules in the industry. Their early bird guarantee allows you to cancel your order anytime before 1:00 pm the day before your event, and receive no cancellation fee. Do not make decisions under time pressure. Plan with the certainty to be able to respond to all eventualities.