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Convention Catering in Berlin

As Germany’s capital- and one of the most rapidly growing cities in the nation, it is no surprise that some of the biggest conventions in the world are held here. From ITB to the World Cocoa Conference and the LoveLetter Convention, Berlin hosts it all. So what do the raw food supporters, the romantic novelists, big business, and the anime convention-goers all have in common? They all want to impress their guests and leave a lasting impression. These conventions are just as much about the inter-mingling of guests as they are about guest-vendor communications and it is in these moments that the success of a convention is determined.

Whether presenting at its own booth, as they did at the ITB convention this year, or supporting the vendors with a great finger food selection, aveato understands the importance of bringing people together to share a moment – and a bite to eat. aveato has been dominating the business catering game in Germany for 20 years now and has more than 5,000 convention caterings under their belt. Safe to say, they know a thing or two about quality and consumer relations. No catering partner is more reliable, flexible, or dedicated to helping your convention moment shine.

For a city like this, „a magnet for foodies and a trailblazer in trends in healthy nutrition,“ it only makes sense to partner up with a Berlin-based company that is trusted by the locals and is constantly evolving to stay on each and every trend as they pass through this city of constant innovation. Convention catering in Berlin? Let aveato take care of that.